Learning Assistant

Fall 2018 Information

  • Learning Assistant positions start working 2 weeks after classes start.
  • Hiring decisions will be made by August 16.
  • If hired, you will have the opportunity to select your top 3 choices of which classes to work in, based on your own class schedule. Selections will be made beginning August 31 and assignments will be made September 4. 
  • If hired, you will have the opportunity to select CalcLab hours you can work. 

General Position Information

The duties of a student Learning Assistant (LA) can vary from course to course; the experience for all LAs involves three related activities:

  1. Content: LAs meet weekly with their mathematics faculty instructor and LA Coordinator to plan for the upcoming week, reflect on the previous week, analyze assessment data and support Calculus Lab hours.
  2. Practice: LAs facilitate collaboration among learning teams of students by formatively assessing student understanding and asking guiding questions; LAs assist the faculty instructor and course TAs.
  3. Pedagogy: LAs attend an orientation and a mandatory weekly meeting with the LA Coordinator, where they reflect on their own teaching and learning and make connections to relevant education practices.

The following criteria have been established for the selection of learning assistants:

  • A. Undergraduate Math majors who have received excellent grades in M408C and D and in any upper-division mathematics courses taken.
  • B. Undergraduate Math majors who have completed their Freshman year.
  • C. Other Majors are considered for these positions on a case-by-case basis, depending on previous Calculus coursework completed and other factors such as, but limited to, overall GPA and class standing. 

Eligibility Considerations/Requirements

  • Evidence of outstanding scholarship in M408C and D (or equivalent) and any upper-division mathematics courses taken.
  • Undergraduate assistants must be working toward their first degree and be registered for 12 hours in the semester in which they are employed. 
  • Students on Probation can not be hired, regardless of having high grades in Mathematics.
  • Students who have been held in violation of University Standards of Conduct may not be eligible.

Each student selected as a Learning Assistant in the Mathematics Department may be asked questions to determine his/her proficiency in the course the student will assist.

All new Learning Assistants must present proof of eligibility for employment by completing a Verification of Identity and United States Employment Authorization for All Employees form. Forms will be given to you upon acceptance of employment.

Learning Assistants will be appointed for different number of hours per week depending on such factors as class size, frequency and type of assistance required, etc.

LAs are responsible for advising us immediately of any contact information changes; please contact Elisa Armendariz via email bass@math.utexas.edu if you have any questions regarding this application.

Online Learning Assistant Application Form is available from here.