(TCCN: MATH 1332)

Prerequisite and degree relevance:  Three units of high school mathematics at the level of Algebra I or higher and a passing score on the Mathematics section of the THEA test or equivalent. The placememnt  test is not required. It may be used to satisfy Area C requirements for the Bachelor of Arts degree under Plan I or the mathematics requirement for the Bachelor of Arts degree under Plan II.

M302 is intended primarily for general liberal arts students. It may not be included in the major requirement for the Bachelor of Arts or the Bachelor of Science degree with a major in mathematics. In some colleges M302 cannot be counted toward the Area C requirement nor toward the total hours required for a degree. Only one of the following may be counted: M302, 303D, or 303F. A student may not earn credit for Mathematics 302 after having received credit for any calculus course.

Course Description: This is a terminal course satisfying the University's general-education requirement in mathematics. Topics may include: number theory (divisibility,prime numbers, the Fundamental Theorem of Arithmetic, gcd, Euclidean Algorithm,modular arithmetic, special divisibility tests), probability (definition, laws, permutations and combinations), network theory (Euler circuits, traveling salesman problem, bin packing), game theory. Some material is of the instructor's choosing.