M305G Preparation for Calculus

Prerequisite and degree relevance:  The prerequisite is the minimum required score on the ALEKS placement exam. Credit for M305G may NOT be earned after a student receives credit for any calculus course (e.g. 408C, 308K, M403K, or  equivalent) with a grade of at least C-.  Only one of M305G and any college-level trigonometry course may be counted. M301, 305G and equivalent courses may not be counted toward the major requirement for the Bachelor of Arts, Plan I, degree with a major in mathematics or toward the Bachelor of Science in Mathematics degree.

Course Description: M305G is  a discussion of the functions and graphs met in calculus. The courses cover logarithms, exponential functions, trigonometric functions, inverse trigonometric functions, polynomials, and the range, domain and graphs of these functions.