M315C Functions and Modeling

Prerequisite and degree relevance: Enrollment in a teaching program or consent of the instructor.

Course description: Students will engage in lab-based activities designed to stengthen and expand knowledge of the topics in secondary mathematics, focusing especially on topics from precalculus and the transition to calculus. Students will explore a variety of contexts that can be modeled using families of functions, including linear, exponential, polynomial and trigonometric functions. Topics involving conic sections, parametric equations and polar equations will be included. Explorations will involve the use of multiple representations, transformations, data analysis techniques(such as curve fitting) and interconnections among geometry, probability and algebra. Most labs will include signifcant use of various technologies, including computers, calculators and multimedia materials. The use of quantitative approaches (for example to rate of change, limits and accumulation) and building relationships between discrete and continuous reasoning will be recurrent themes.