(TCCN: MATH 1350)

Prerequisite and degree relevance: M316K is intended for prospective elementary teachers and other students whose degree programs require it; it treats basic concepts of mathematical thought. The prerequisite is Mathematics 302, 303D, 305G, or 316 with a grade of at least C. May not be included in the major requirement for the Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degrees with a major in mathematics. Credit for Mathematics 316K may not be earned after the student has received credit for any calculus course with a grade of C or better, unless the student is registered in the College of Education or a middle grades teacher certification program.

Course description: An analysis, from an advanced perspective, of the concepts and algorithms of arithmetic, including sets; numbers; numeration systems; definitions, properties, and algorithms of arithmetic operations; and percents, ratios, and proportions. Problem solving is stressed.