Prerequisite and degree relevance: Students must first apply through the College of Natural Sciences Career services Office.  Applicants must have completed one of the following M408D, M408S, or M408L, as well as earned a grade of at least C in two of the following courses: M325K, M341, M427K, M362K, M378K; and consent of the undergraduate adviser. Forty laboratory hours a week for one semester.

Course Description: This course covers the work period of mathematics students in the Cooperative Education program, which provides supervised work experience by arrangement with the employer and the supervising instructor. The student must repeat the course each work period and must take it twice to receive credit toward the degree; at least one of these registrations must be during a long-session semester. No more than three semester hours may be counted toward the major requirement; no more than six semester hours may be counted toward the degree. The students first registration must be on a pass/fail basis.