Prerequisite and degree relevance: The prerequisite is M362K with grade of C- or better. This course is intended for students planning to teach secondary mathematics, students working for a BA in mathematics, and students in the natural sciences. Students preparing for graduate work in mathematical statistics should take M378K instead of or after taking this course.

Course Description: This is a first course in applied statistics, building on previous experience with probability. Emphasis will be on development of statistical thinking and working with real data. Topics include: exploratory data analysis, regression and correlation, introduction to planning and conducting surveys and experiments, sampling distributions, confidence intervals (for proportions, means, differences between proportions, differences between two means paired and unpaired), and tests of significance (for proportions, means, differences between proportions, differences between means; chi-squared test; one and two sample t procedures; inference for slope of least squares line; analysis of variance). Students will be expected to apply the statistical ideas they learn in one or more projects. The statistical software Minitab will be used extensively in the course.