M 392C Lie Groups (54365)


Daniel Allcock


MWF 10am - 11am


RLM 9.166


Course Description:   These are groups which are also manifolds, named after Sophus Lie.  Their structure theoryand applications are never-endingly rich.  We will go from the beginning of the theory to the classification of simple Lie groups, and cover some basic representation theory and applications.  This course is aimed at graduate students who have already taken both semesters of the graduate topology course (algebraic topology and differential topology), and the first semester of the graduate algebra prelim course (the group theory part).  You will be expected to have this background on day one, so we can hit the ground running.  There will be homework assigned every week or two.

The text will be Rossman's "Lie Groups: An Introduction through Linear Groups", supplemented by additional material.