(TCCN: MATH 2417)

Prerequisite and degree relevance: The minimum required score on the Aleks placement exam. 408C may not be counted by students with credit for Mathematics 403K, 408K, 408N, or 408L. M408C and M408D (or the equivalent sequence M408K, M408L, M408M; M408N, M408S, M408M) are required for mathematics majors, and mathematics majors are required to make grades of C- or better in these courses.

Course description: M408C is our standard first-year calculus course. It is directed at students in the natural and social sciences and at engineering students. The emphasis in this course is on problem solving, not on the presentation of theoretical considerations. While the course necessarily includes some discussion of theoretical notions, its primary objective is not the production of theorem-provers. The syllabus for M408C includes most of the elementary topics in the theory of real- valued functions of a real variable: limits, continuity, derivatives, maxima and minima, integration, area under a curve, volumes of revolution, trigonometric, logarithmic and exponential functions and techniques of integration. M408C classes meet three hours per week for lectures and two hours per week for problem sessions.