M316K Syllabus


Prerequisite and degree relevance: Prerequisite is one of the following courses with grade of C- or better:

•    M 301
•    M 302: Introduction to Mathematics ("Math for Liberal Arts")
•    M 303D: Applicable Mathematics

•    M 304E
•    M 305G or 505G: Elementary Functions and Coordinate Geometry ("Precalculus")
•    M 316: Elementary Statistical Methods or the equivalent

•    EDP 371 
This course is required for students preparing to teach elementary school.

Text: Beckmann

Course Description: An analysis, from an advanced perspective, of the concepts and algorithms of arithmetic, including sets; numbers; numeration systems; definitions, properties, and algorithms of arithmetic operations; and percents, ratios, and proportions. Problem solving is stressed.

Topics and Format: The focus is on students working on Explorations supporting learning in the following sections of the textbook.

Responsible party:  Please contact Mark Daniels  ( mdaniels@math.utexas.edu ) about a detailed syllabi.