M326K Syllabus


Prerequisite and degree relevance: Mathematics 408D or 408L with a grade of at least C-. Restricted to students in a teacher preparation program or who have consent of instructor.

Text: optional: The Principles and Standards for School Mathematics, National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, 2000. (Also known as NCTM Standards.)

Number and operations, with emphasis on depth of understanding, mathematical communication, mathematical reasoning, mathematical representations, and pedagogical content knowledge in the context of number and operations. In this course, you may often need to re-examine things that have become “obvious” or automatic to you. For example,
• You know how to multiply. But can you help a student learn when to use multiplication in setting up an equation?
• You know how to divide fractions by inverting the divisor then multiplying. But can you explain to a questioning beginning algebra student why this procedure is legitimate?
• There are many of math problems you can solve. But most mathematics problems have several correct methods of solution and many more incorrect methods of solution. Will you as a math teacher be able to decide which is which?

Responsible party: Kathy Davis and Shinko Harper, Spring 2010