Publications by Our Graduate Students

Tianran Geng, Thaleia Zariphopoulou (2017) Temporal and spatial turnpike-type results under forward time-monotone performance criteria Submitted for publication
Jon Jacobsen and Taylor McAdam (2014) A Boundary Value Problem for Integrodifference Population Models with Cyclic Kernels Discrete and Continuous Dynamical Systems Series B 19 10 3191-3207
Alice Mark (2015) Reflection groups of the quadratic form -px_0^2+x_1^2+...+x_n^2 Publicacions Matemàtiques 14
Andrew Blumberg, Itamar Gal, Michael Mandell, and Mathew Pancia (2014) Persistent homology for metric measure spaces, and robust statistics for hypothesis testing and confidence intervals Foundations of Computational Mathematics
Andrew Poelstra (2013) On the Topological and Uniform Structure of Diversities Journal of Function Spaces and Applications 2013 Article ID 675057
Braxton Osting, Chris White, Edouard Oudet (2013) Minimal Dirichlet energy partitions for graphs Submitted
Jen Berg, Abel Castillo, Robert Grizzard, VítÄzslav Kala, Richard Moy, and Chongli Wang (2013) Congruences for Ramanujan's f and omega functions via generalized Borcherds products The Ramanujan Journal (to appear)
Adam Hughes, Eric Peterson, JohnMark Lau (2013) Multiplicative 2-cocycles at the prime 2 Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra 217 393-408
Jeffrey Meier (2012) Small Seifert fibered surgery on hyperbolic pretzel knots Algebraic & Geometric Topology (to appear)
Shibing Chen and Emanuel Indrei (2012) On the regularity of the free boundary in the optimal partial transport problem for general cost functions preprint
Emanuel Indrei and Diego Marcon (2013) A quantitative log-Sobolev inequality for a two parameter family of functions Int. Math. Res. Not. IMRN, to appear
Emanuel Indrei (2013) Free boundary regularity in the optimal partial transport problem J. Funct. Anal., 264 (2013), no. 11, 2497-2528
Alessio Figalli and Emanuel Indrei (2013) A sharp stability result for the relative isoperimetric inequality inside convex cones J. Geom. Anal., 23 (2013), no. 2, 938-969
Veronica Quitalo (2013) A free Boundary problem arising from segregation of populations with high competition Archive for Rational Mechanics and Analysis, (to appear)
Itamar Gal and Robert Grizzard (2012) On the compositum of all degree $d$ extensions of a number field submitted
Michael Kelly and Le Thai Hoang (2012) Uniform Dilations in Higher Dimensions preprint
Alan Haynes, Michael Kelly, and Barak Weiss (2012) Equivalence relations on separated nets arising from linear toral flows preprint
Samuel Ballas (2012) Deformations of non-compact, projective manifolds arXiv preprint
Aaron Fenyes (2012) Limitations on cloning in classical mechanics J. Math. Phys 53 012902
Laura Starkston (2012) The Khovanov homology of (p,-p,q) pretzel knots J. Knot Theory Ramifications 21 5
Haizhao Yang, Lexing Ying (2012) Synchrosqueezed wave packet transform for 2D mode decomposition submitted
F. Charro, G. De Philippis, A. Di Castro, Davi Maximo (2012) On the Aleksandrov-Bakelman-Pucci estimate for the infinity Laplacian Submitted
Davi Maximo, Ivaldo Nunes (2012) Hawking mass and local rigidity of minimal two-spheres in three-manifolds Submitted
Davi Maximo (2012) On the blow-up of four dimensional Ricci flow singularities J. Reine Angew. Math. To appear.
Grant Lakeland (2012) Dirichlet-Ford Domains and Arithmetic Reflection Groups Pacific J. Math. 255 2 417--437
Allison Lewko and Mark Lewko (2012) Orthonormal Systems in Linear Spans Submitted
D. Blazevski C. Ocampo (2012) Periodic orbits in the concentric circular restricted four-body problem and their invariant manifolds Physica D, to appear
Haizhao Yang, Lexing Ying (2012) A Fast Algorithm for Multilinear Operators Applied and Computational Harmonic Analysis
Xiang Yu (2011) Utility Maximization with Addictive Consumption Habit Formation in Incomplete Semimartingale Markets. submitted
Allison Lewko and Mark Lewko (2011) A Variational Barban-Davenport-Halberstam Theorem Journal of Number Theory, to appear
Xiang Yu (2011) Optimal Portfolio-Consumption with Habit Formation and Partial Observations: The Fully Explicit Solutions Approach. (arxiv preprint)
Allison Lewko and Mark Lewko (2011) Estimates for the Square Variation of Partial Sums of Fourier Series and their Rearrangements Journal of Functional Analysis, to appear
Allison Lewko and Mark Lewko (2011) Maximal Operators Associated to Multiplicative Characters Submitted
Allison Lewko and Mark Lewko (2010) Restriction Estimates for the Paraboloid Over Finite Fields Proc. Amer. Math. Soc., to appear
Zhenli Xu, Xiaolin Cheng, Haizhao Yang (2011) Treecode-based generalized Born method J. Chem. Phys. 134, 064107;
Andrew Gillette, Chandrajit Bajaj (2010) Dual Formulations of Mixed Finite Element Methods Accepted to Copmuter Aided Design
Allison Lewko and Mark Lewko (2011) An Exact Asymptotic for the Square Variation of Partial Sum Processes Submitted
Daniel Blazevski and Rafael de la Llave (2011) Time-dependent scattering theory for ODE's and applications to reaction dynamics J. Phys. A: Math. Theor. 44 (2011) 195101.
Timothy Blass and Rafael de la Llave (2011) Perturbation and Numerical Methods for Computing the Minimal Average Energy To appear in Networks and Heterogeneous Media
Allison Lewko and Mark Lewko (2010) On the Structure of Sets of Large Doubling European Journal of Combinatorics 32 (2011) 688-708
Andrew Gillette, Alexander Rand, Chandrajit Bajaj (2010) Error Estimates for Generalized Barycentric Interpolation Accepted to Advances in Computational Mathematics
S. Alvarez, D. Berend, L. Birbrair, D. Girao (2009) Resonance sequences and focal decomposition Israel Journal of Mathematics 170 269-284
Darlan Girao (2011) Rank gradient in co-final towers of certain Kleinian groups submitted (arxiv)
Allison Lewko, Mark Lewko and Brent Waters (2010) How to Leak on Key Updates STOC 2011
Timothy Blass, Rafael de la Llave, and Enrico Valdinoci (2011) A Comparison Principle for a Sobolev Gradient Semi-flow Communications on Pure and Applied Analysis 10 1 69-91
Timothy Blass and L.A. Romero (2010) Stability of First Order ODEs with Colored Noise Forcing Submitted
Cristina Caputo and Nestor Guillen (2010) Regularity for non-local almost minimal boundaries and applications Submitted (arxiv preprint)
Nestor Guillen and Robert McCann (2010) Five lectures on optimal transportation: Geometry, regularity and applications Submitted (arxiv preprint)
Nestor Guillen and Russell Schwab (2011) Aleksandrov-Bakelman-Pucci Type Estimates For Integro-Differential Equations Submitted (arxiv preprint)
Nestor Guillen (2009) Optimal regularity for the Signorini Problem Calculus of Variations and Partial Differential Equations 36 533-546
Colin Adams, Rachel Hudson, Ralph Morrison, William George, Laura Starkston, Samuel Taylor, and Olga Turanova (2010) The spiral index of knots Math. Proc. Camb. Phil. Soc. 149 297-315
J. Bennett, D. Cochran, B. Safnuk, K. Woskoff (2010) Topological recursion for symplectic volumes of moduli spaces of curves Submitted
Paul Fili, Zachary Miner (2010) Orthogonal decomposition of the space of algebraic numbers and Lehmer's problem submitted
Paul Fili, Zachary Miner (2010) Norms extremal with respect to the Mahler measure submitted
D. Aristoff and C. Radin (2010) Random close packing in a granular model J. Math. Phys. 51, 113302 (2010)
D. Aristoff and C. Radin (2009) Random loose packing in granular matter J. Stat. Phys. 135 (2009), 1-23
D. Aristoff and C. Radin (2010) Layering in crumpled sheets Europhys. Lett. 91 (2010) 56003
Neil Hoffman (2010) Commensurability classes containing three knot complements Algebraic & Geometric Topology 10 2 663-677
Mark Lewko (2010) An Improved Upper Bound for the Sum-free Subset Constant J. Integer Seq. 13 (2010), no. 8, Article 10.8.3, 15 pp
Michael Bradford Williams (2010) Results on coupled Ricci and harmonic map flows submitted
Michael Bradford Williams (2010) Explicit Ricci solitons on nilpotent Lie groups submitted
Adam Hughes, Eric Peterson, JohnMark Lau (2009) A Classification of Additive Symmetric 2-Cocycles Illinois Journal of Mathematics 53 4 983-1017
Davi Maximo (2011) Non-negative Ricci curvature on closed manifolds under Ricci flow Proc. Amer. Math. Soc.
Yuan Yao, Yu Ye, Pu Zhang (2007) Quiver Poisson algebras J. Algebra 312 2 570-589
Chandrajit Bajaj, Andrew Gillette, Samrat Goswami, Bong June Kwon, and Jose Rivera (2011) Complementary Space for Enhanced Uncertainty and Dynamics Visualization Chapter in Topological Methods in Data Analysis and Visualization: Theory, Algorithms and Applications
Chandrajit Bajaj, Andrew Gillette and Samrat Goswami (2009) Topology Based Selection and Curation of Level Sets Chapter in Topology-Based Methods In Visualization 45-58
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