Talks will take place at the University of Texas at Austin, Room TBA. The first talk will be at 9am on Thursday July 12, and the last talk will end at noon on Sunday, July 15. The schedule and abstracts are works in progress.

Titles and Abstracts

Tye Lidman: Spineless four-manifolds
We construct smooth, compact four-manifolds homotopy equivalent to the two-sphere for which no homotopy equivalence is realized by a PL embedding.

Allison Miller: Satellite operators and knot concordance
The classical satellite construction behaves nicely with respect to concordance, since if K and J are concordant then P(K) and P(J) are concordant for any pattern P. It is therefore natural to ask about the properties of satellite-induced maps on the collection of knots modulo concordance.

I will briefly survey results in this area, focusing on differences between the smooth and topological categories. I will then describe Gompf and Miyazaki's construction of dualizable patterns, which induce invertible functions on the concordance group, and discuss joint work with Lisa Piccirillo which smoothly distinguishes certain dualizable pattern operators from any connected sum operator.


  • Inanc Baykur (Umass Amherst)
  • Rima Chatterjee (LSU)
  • Wenzhao Chen (MSU)
  • Irving Dai (Princeton)
  • Yasha Eliashberg (Stanford)
  • John Etnyre (Georgia Tech)
  • Edoardo Fossati (Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa)
  • Shelly Harvey (Rice)
  • Andrew Havens (UMass Amherst)
  • Peter Johnson (UVA)
  • Rob Kirby (Berkeley)
  • Kyle Larson (Renyi Institute)
  • Tian-Jun Li (Minnesota)
  • Tye Lidman (NC State)
  • Juresse Makengele (Kinshasa)
  • Gordana Matic (University of Georgia)
  • Clayton McDonald (Boston College)
  • Jeffrey Meier (University of Georgia)
  • Allison Miller (UT-Austin)
  • Maggie Miller (Princeton)
  • Tom Mrowka (MIT)
  • Puttipong Pongtanapaisan (University of Iowa)
  • Danny Ruberman (Brandeis)
  • Sumeyra Sakalli (UMN)
  • Hannah Schwartz (Bryn Mawr)
  • Jonathan Simone (UVA)
  • Laura Starkston (Stanford)
  • Andras Stipsicz (Renyi Institute)
  • Bulent Tosun (Alabama)
  • Jeremy Van Horn-Morris (Arkansas)
  • Jonathan Williams (Binghamton)
  • Kouichi Yasui (Osaka)Joseph Breen (UCLA)

Local Information


The conference will take place in the RLM building at the University of Texas at Austin. RLM is located on the southeast corner of the intersection at Speedway and Dean Keaton, at the north end of Campus.


The University of Texas at Austin is served by many local buses. For more information please refer to CapMetro for public transportation information.


If you chose to drive to campus, avoid parking in the expensive garages. There is plenty of metered street parking along Dean Keaton and many free parallel parking spots on the residential streets directly north of campus.
Here you can find a map of street parking. Highlighted streets (e.g. Dean Keaton, Harris Park) have metered parking with the rate of $1 per hour. Non-highlighted streets (e.g. 30th, 31st, Elmwood, Bellevue) may have free parallel parking (please check the signs).
If you must, the Speedway garage (southwest corner of Speedway and 27) charges $18 for the day.



If you plan to come, please register for the conference even if you are not requesting funding. This page requires Javascript.


This conference will bring mathematicians together to discuss recent developments in smooth and symplectic low-dimensional topology and geometry, and celebrate the first anniversary of Bob Gompf's 60th birthday. Speakers will include:

*To be confirmed

We expect to be able to support a limited number of graduate students and early career mathematicians. You can apply for support on the Registration page. We especially encourage members from underrepresented groups in mathematics to apply. Priority will be given to people who apply before April 15th.

The first talk will be at 9am on Thursday July 12, and the last talk will end at noon on Sunday, July 15.



University of Texas, University of Arkansas, Georgia Institute of Technology, National Science Foundation