How to use a browser to scan documents with the RLM 8.100 scanner

Ricoh IS330DC Scanner

There are a number of advantages to using a web browser to submit scan requests to the Ricoh scanner in RLM 8.100, including the ability to adjust the image density (good for picking up pencil or lighter colors), scan both sides of each page, etc.. To summarize how this works, first you fill out a form on a web page and click OK. This notifies the scanner that you have requested the scanner and prevents anyone else from submitting a job before you have actually scanned your document. You then take your document to the scanner, place the document in the feeder tray face up, and press the green Start button. When the document has finished scanning, press the button below "Prev. Menu" and then press it again to "Send Scan". The document will then automagically appear in your home directory inside a folder called "scanner2".

Step by Step Instructions

  1. Use your favorite browser to navigate to the URL: scanner2

  2. Click on the Menu item: Enter Custom Send

  3. Fill out the resulting form and click on the [OK] button (but only after testing -- see below). Note that most of the defaults are fine. If the scanned copy is too faint, experiment with increasing the image density. To scan both sides of each sheet, change Original Setting to "2 sided".

    The following fields involve authentication and must be filled out correctly in order for the scan job to be submitted. Substitute your math department user name for "username".

    Testing your login information

    Before clicking on the OK button, click on the Test button to make sure your login information is correct. If you see this screen:

    If however you see this screen

    scanner2-6.png scanner2-7.png

    Then your authentication information is correct. Proceed to to click on OK to submit the scan request

    Then your authentication information is incorrect, and the scanned file won't be transmitted properly. Go back and correct your username, password, and/or syntax and try testing again before proceeding.

  4. If your scan job was succesfully submitted to the scanner, you will see the following screen:

  5. You can now go to the scanner and scan your document. Your username will be displayed on the console of the scanner. If your username does not appear, this means that someone reset the scanner from the keypad, and you will need to go back to to Step #1 and start over from the beginning. If your usrname does appear on the console, place your document face up, sideways, and facing to the left in the feeder tray and press the large green start button. Once the document has finished scanning, press the button depicted below twice.

  6. That's it, you're done! You will find your document waiting for you in a folder called scanner2 in your home folder

  7. If you see this screen after clicking the OK button, then someone else has already submitted a job to be scanned before you, but hasn't actually scanned the document yet. Try again later or clear the scan job using the keypad if someone submitted a job and then forgot about it.