Seminars & Announcements

Wednesday Oct 1 2014

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12:00 p 8.136 String Theory
Aaron Fenyes: Braided Feynman diagrams for braided spaces
1:00 p 10.176 Analysis Seminar
Eduardo Teixeira: Nonlinear elliptic PDEs with high order singularities
2:00 p 12.166 Jr Topology
Laura Starkston: Symplectic Fillings and Exotic 4-manifolds
3:00 p 9.166 Group Actions & Dynamics
Jeff Danciger: Limits of geometries
6:00 p Schedler and Lawn's Back Porch Back Porch Seminar
Michael Lock: A pretty accessible construction of some ALE gravitational instantons!

Upcoming Conferences

We are Texas

52nd Texas Geometry and Topology Conference
November 14-16, 2014

Texas Analysis and Mathematical Physics Symposium 2014
Nov 21-23, 2014, UT Austin

Speakers: S. Chatterjee, J. Colliander, S. Denissov, A. Guillonet, R. = Killip, D. Li, G. Staffilani, M. Weinstein Organizers: T. Chen and D. Damanik



Latest News

Dan Freed

Dan Freed receives The London Math. Soc. Senior Berwick Prize

July 11 , 2014

Dan Freed, together with his collaborators Mike Hopkins and Constantin Teleman have been awarded the London Mathematical Society Senior Berwick Prize. This is in recognition of their paper: Loop groups and twisted K-theory, Journal of Topology, 4 (2011). The announcment can be viewed here.

In addition, the Simon's Foundation announced that Dan will receive one of the 2014 Simons Fellowships. The complete list is available here.

Jane Arledge

Jane Arledge to receive Regent's Outstanding Teaching Award

June 18 , 2014

Jane Arledge has been selected to receive a 2014 Regent's Outstanding Teaching Award. Only a few faculty members from across the UT System are given this prestgious award.