February 22 to 26, 2016


Peter O’Donnell Jr Bldg – 201 E 24th St.

The University of Texas at Austin


Celebrating Claude Bardos’ impact in mathematics and sciences

The focus of this conference is at the heart of kinetic and fluid transport modeling. These problems, all from from non-linear theory, encompass both Partial and Integral Differential Equations in a subtle way. The goal is to bring together a state of the arts discussion on topics raging from recent advances on initial and boundary value problems associated with collisional theory, plasma and radiated transport, their associated to macroscopic approximations and fluid dynamics descriptions, to the actual standing analytical and computational issues for these models. This forum will focus on a balance and interplay between theory, numerics, and applications.




 Ricardo Alonso, PUC-Rio, Brazil
 Kazuo Aoki, Kyoto U, Japan
 Jacob Bedrossian, U Maryland
 Alexander Bobylev, Keldysh Institute, Moscow
 Yann Brenier, Ecole Polytechnique
 Russ Caflisch, UCLA
  Peter Constantin, Princeton U
 Costas Dafermos, Brown U
Alessio Figalli, UT Austin
 Roland Glowinsky, U Houston
Francois Golse, Ecole Polytechnique, Paris
 Yan Guo, Brown U
Daniel Han-Kwan, Ecole Polytechnique, Paris
 Pierre-Emanuel Jabin, U Maryland
 Dave Levermore, U Maryland
 Nader Masmoudi, NYU
 Phil Morrison, UT Austin
 Takaaki Nishida, Kyoto U, Japan
 Anne Nouri, U Marseille, France
 Toan Nguyen, Penn State U
 Olivier Pironneau, U Paris VII, France
 Laure Saint Raymond, ENS, Paris
Remi Sentis, CEA, France
 Eitan Tadmor, U Maryland
M. Lahzar Tayeb, U. Tunis, Tunisia
Edriss Titi, Texas A&M University
 Alexis Vasseur, UT Austin



Alexander Bobylev, Keldysh Institute, Moscow
Pierre Degond, Imperial College London
Laurent Desvillettes, U. Paris VII
Irene M. Gamba, UT Austin
Francois Golse, Ecole Polytechnique, Paris
Phil Morrison, UT Austin
Laure Saint Raymond, ENS, Paris
Edriss Titi, Texas A&M University
Alexis Vasseur, UT Austin


A limited amount of travel and local lodging is available for researchers in the early stages of their career who want to attend the full program, especially for graduate students and post-doctoral fellows.  Online Application


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Peter O’Donnell Jr Bldg., 201 E 24th Street
Austin, TX
Email: norar@ices.utexas.edu



Funding provided by the NSF through the NSF RNMS Grant  KI-net  and  ICES.