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Can you explain how this page works? Are you suggesting that every time someone writes an article we should update this page with the bibliography? (Luis 09:54, 28 January 2012 (CST))

Not exactly. Only papers that are precisely about a non-local equation, e.g. the Fabes-Mortola-Kenig-Jerison-Salsa papers on elliptic equations with A_p weights are very relevant to the fractional Laplacian, but they are per se not about non-local equations. Of course, at some point this becomes a subjective thing. I guess what I really want to have is a list of "must read" articles on non-local equations. Although calling it that might not be very politically correct, so lets call it something else... "Suggested reading"?. (Nestor 15:09, 29 January 2012 (CST))

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