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We need to come up with some organization for the articles.

The list below can be a starting point to click on links and edit each page. The following are some of the topics that should appear in this wiki.

  • We better start thinking hard about writing the Introduction to nonlocal equations. We gotta start somewhere, so any random idea or small thing you want to write should go in there. This is high priority, since if someone reads one page of this wiki, it will likely be this one.
  • A sort of Starting page that serves as a "root" for all pages we add (ideally, any page we create should be reachable from here). (UPDATE: See discussion.)
  • Fractional curvatures in conformal geometry.
  • It would be wise (once the wiki is more mature) to add pages about the Boltzmann equation, since it is one of the more "classical" and better known integro-differential equations.
  • Pages about Homogenization (local and nonlocal) should appear here too.
  • Given the recent works of Osher/Gilboa and Bertozzi/Flenner on Ginzburg-Landau on graphs we should have an article on the natural similarities between non-local operators and elliptic operators on graphs.
  • Phase transitions involving non-local interactions, in particular, pages about Particle Systems, discussing the Giacomin-Lebowitz theory and the Ohta-Kawasaki functional.
  • We may want to have a section on open problems, for example integral ABP for general kernels, harnack for kernels with a

less restrictive bound below, $C^{1,\alpha}$ estimate in bounded domains with a nonsmooth kernel, supercritical quasi-geostrophic, classification of nonlocal minimal cones, etc...

  • Fill up the list of upcoming events such as conferences, workshops, summer schools.
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