This program will be a concentration period to include a school and a conference on “Calculus of Variations and Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations” which will bring together research groups from the NSF funded program “Focused Research Group (FRG): “Vectorial and geometric problems in the Calculus of Variations”” with collaborative structures between Craig Evans, UC Berkeley; Ovidiu Savin, Columbia U and Alessio Figalli with Francesco Maggi here at The University of Texas at Austin.

This workshop is also endorsed and sponsored by the NSF Research Network in Mathematical Sciences (RNMS) in “Kinetic Description of emerging challenges in multiscale problems of natural sciences; (Ki-Net)”

In addition, researchers working within the framework of the The UT Austin|Portugal Program are welcome to participate with the support of CoLab Mathematics funding. This program facilitates collaborative research between faculty members and researchers at UT Austin and Portuguese universities.

The entire two-week program will take place at UT Austin from May 18, 2015 until May 29, 2015 and will involve senior and junior researchers, postdocs and graduate students. During the first week, there will be a school consisting of three minicourses, each six hours, while the second week will host a conference with a series of one-hour lectures.


Alessio Figalli and Francesco Maggi, U Texas



Manuel Del Pino, DIM-CMM Universidad de Chile

Lawrence C Evans, UC Berkeley

Robert V. Kohn, Courant Institute, NYU



 Almut Burchard, U Toronto
Luis Caffarelli, U Texas
Eric Carlen, Rutgers U
Alessio Figalli, U Texas
Irene Fonseca, Carnegie Mellon U
Rupert Frank, Caltech
Michael Loss, Georgia Tech
Francesco Maggi, U Texas
Paolo Marcellini, U Florence
Sandro Salsa, Politecnico Milan
Ovidiu Savin, Columbia U
Rick Schoen, Stanford U
Luis Silvestre, U Chicago
Dejan Slepcev, Carnegie Mellon U
Peter Sternberg, Indiana U
 Vladimir Sverak, U Minnesota
 Alexis Vasseur, U Texas