[Maxima] romberg

Michel Van den Bergh michel.vandenbergh at uhasselt.be
Wed Jan 3 09:54:03 CST 2007

>  On the other
> hand, it should not be replaced by something that is functionally inferior
> in any way.  I consider failure to support recursive calls to be inferior,
> but I don't see why the qq programs, properly packaged would not allow
> recursion too.
As Robert pointed out, the other programs support correctly support
As I pointed out in my earlier email the syntax allowed by romberg:

romberg(romberg(x^2+y^2, x, 0, y), y, 0, 1);

is semantically dubious. I thought it was now agreed upon that 
functions should
evaluate all their arguments, if at all possible, which apparently
romberg does not do.


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