[Maxima] I cannot load zeilberger package |||| nusum & Zeilberger

giovanni gherdovich g_gherdovich at yahoo.it
Sat Jan 6 10:24:28 CST 2007


I have two questions:

1) I cannot load the zeilberger package. Here is the
Maxima session:

(%i1) load(zeilberger);

Could not find `zeilberger' using paths in
 (combined values: [...])
 -- an error.  Quitting.  To debug this try

But I'm able to normally load other packages from

(%i2) load(distrib);

(%i3) load(plotdf);

(%i4) load(descriptive);

I run Maxima 5.9.2, got from the "Synaptic Manager"
tool in Ubuntu Dapper Drake. I downloaded separately
(from Ubuntu system) the maxima/share directory.
How should I do?

2) I would like to know if the Zeilberger package
uses the command "nusum" when it performs the Gosper

Giovanni Gherdovich

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