[Maxima] GCL internal error (GCC error on generated C code)

Andreas Eder aeder at arcor.de
Sun Feb 4 05:33:26 CST 2007


Robert Dodier writes:

>suprv1.lisp was recently modified to remove stale conditionalizations
>and various other minor changes. Those changes shouldn't have
>changed any observable behavior.

The changes were done by me. Unfortunately I have no gcl at hand to test
(gcl does not run on my platform) against it.  I only tested sbcl and
clisp and apparently both run correct.

I have no clue what could be the reason for that behaviour under gcl.

I#d be happy to get a few tips to avoid such behaviour in the future as
long as I have no gcl to test against.

Even better would be tips to get gcl running under FreeBSD/AMD64.


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