[Maxima] Q: nounify symbols with a 'm prefix ?

Robert Dodier robert.dodier at gmail.com
Wed Feb 14 09:20:43 CST 2007

On 2/14/07, Stavros Macrakis <macrakis at alum.mit.edu> wrote:

> For mathematical functions such as abs, sin, "+", etc., we recently
> discussed this, and if I'm not mistaken, we all agree that the noun form and
> the verb form should be identical: there is no useful functionality attached
> to the difference.  So we should have 'abs = nounify('abs) = verbify('abs) =
> ?mabs.

Agreed. The bit about changing '($ m) to '($ |m| |M|) is in the interest
of making a minimal change to nounify. The policy of considering the
noun = verb for some operators is somewhat broader.


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