[Maxima] Bug in tanh?

Richard Fateman fateman at cs.berkeley.edu
Sun Mar 18 22:46:12 CDT 2007

I suspect it is sufficient to compute
Tanh = 2/(exp(-2*x)+1)  -1

Note that exp(-2*x) --> 0 pretty fast..

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> On 3/18/07, Richard Fateman <fateman at cs.berkeley.edu> wrote:
> >  tanh(1.0d3)
> >   gives a stack overflow error in wxmaxima 0.7.1
> Maxima punts to CL:TANH for floating point evaluation of tanh.
> This is established by the hash table created in src/trigi.lisp;
> search for "frob %tanh". (Bigfloats take another route.)
> Looks like GCL and Clisp have trouble with tanh for large arguments.
> GCL 2.6.7: (tanh 1.0f3), (tanh 1.0e3), (tanh 1.0d3), and (tanh 1.0l3)
> all trigger "Can't print a non-number" which probably means TANH
> returned inf or nan, and then barfed trying to display the result.
> I don't know how that became a stack overflow in Maxima.
> Clisp 2.38: (tanh 1.0f3) and (tanh 1.0e3) both trigger a 
> floating point
> overflow error. (tanh 1.0d3) and (tanh 1.0l3) yield 1.0d0 and
> 1.0l0, which is correct enough for me.
> I guess someone should file bug reports for GCL and Clisp.
> > The computation of tanh(x) by using exp(x) is a bad idea.
> I guess we need to relay this notion to the GCL and Clisp projects.
> I don't have any interest in having Maxima create private definitions
> of the math library functions (unless we really, really must).
> Robert

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