[Maxima] how to obtain and export data

Barton Willis willisb at unk.edu
Tue Mar 20 06:49:24 CDT 2007

(%i1) load(numericalio)$
(%i2) f(x) := exp(x)$
(%i3) data : make_array ('any,10,2)$
(%i4) x : 0.0$
(%i5) for i : 0 thru 9 do (data[i,0] : x, data[i,1] : f(x), x : x + 0.1)$
(%i6) write_data(data, "c:/my_data.txt");
(%o6) done


-----maxima-bounces at math.utexas.edu wrote: -----

>I have a very complicated expression and want to obtain the data at given
>points then export to a file.
>Assume the function is
>how can I compute  f(x) from x=0 to x=10 with step

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