[Maxima] autoloading functions from linearalgebra

van Nek van.nek at arcor.de
Sun Apr 1 13:04:29 CDT 2007

Am 1 Apr 2007 um 9:59 hat Robert Dodier geschrieben:

> On 4/1/07, van Nek <van.nek at arcor.de> wrote:
> > I tried to add autoload properties to all Maxima-level functions from
> > linearalgebra.
> > There occurs a problem with a global variable named $generalring:
> Volker, I think what we want here is that the filename associated with
> lu_factor (and other linear algebra functions) is linearalgebra.mac
> (not the file in which lu_factor is defined). linearalgebra.mac causes
> all of the linear algebra stuff to be loaded, so I think that should
> clear up the problem with generalring.

Thanks for this advice. You are right, linearalgebra.mac loads load-linearalgebra-lisp-
files.lisp, so that everything is included.

I was puzzled by the output of lu_factor, which does not correspond to the example in the 
A look into the source code of lu-factor clarifies that lu_factor returns a list of three entries
	     `((mlist) ,m ,perm ,(mring-name fld)))))))
where the last is the name of the ring. So it's just that there is an update of the 
documentation needed.

I already put the functions from eval_string, numericalio and stringproc to the list of 
autoloaded functions this morning. Please let me know if I should also add linearalgebra 
before April 4 or if I should wait.


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