[Maxima] 'eigenvectors' failed..

Barton Willis willisb at unk.edu
Tue Apr 3 07:42:20 CDT 2007

A workaround for this case (but not a good solution in general)

(%i1) m : rationalize(matrix( [10.48273938962865,14.15187882832064],




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>Subject: [Maxima] 'eigenvectors' failed..
>'eigenvectors' failed to work on numeric 2x2 matrix below..
>m: matrix( [10.48273938962865,14.15187882832064],
>[21.22781824248096,31.71055763210962] );
>It gave the following error message..
>algsys failure: the eigenvector(s) for the 1 th eigenvalue will be
>algsys failure: the eigenvector(s) for the 2 th eigenvalue will be
>and just returned the eigenvalues..
>[0.77255984019432, 41.42073711336268]
>Using another software.. the eigenvectors should be..
>eigenvector of eigenvalue 0.7725598869933528:
>    (-0.8245648401323937, 0.5657674649689922)
>eigenvector of eigenvalue 41.42073713474491:
>    (0.4159735579192842, 0.9093767091321241)
>Anyone knows what has happened?
>I noticed little difference in eigenvalues after 7-8th decimal place
>between Maxima and that another software.. maybe this caused the
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