[Maxima] graphs

Mario Rodriguez biomates at telefonica.net
Sun Apr 15 03:33:33 CDT 2007

> (%i23) draw_graph(dodecahedron_graph());
> (%o23)
> wxdraw2d(points_joined=false,point_size=1,line_type=1,point_type=5,points_joined=false,label_alignment=left,points([[0.57142857142857,0.50490313322172],...,[0.71108571428571,0.97656063142789]]),label_color=1,point_type=0,line_type=1,points_joined=true,axis_top=false,axis_bottom=false,axis_left=false,axis_right=false,ytics=false,head_length=0.05,head_angle=20,xtics=false,points([[0.57142857142857,0.50490313322172],...,points([[0.71108571428571,0.97656063142789],[0.7872,0.67424061229371]]),label_color=3)
> .. but no picture. Have I missed something?

Andrej and Wolfgang,

Please, take care with the draw pakage. I have commited a new version of
it and some options were removed/changed or created. New features
need Gnuplot 4.2 installed:

* Graphic options function_style, fill_style
  and label_color were removed.
* Option line_type redefined; possible 
  values are now 'dots' and 'solid'.
* Image-style rendering of matrices (gray
  and rgb).
* New options:
  - filled_func: for explicit 2d functions.
  - color: by name or by hexadecimal cromatic
    components; no more integer indices needed.
    This color is used in lines, polygon borders
    and labels.
  - palette: palette specification for images.
  - colorbox: adds/removes the color box in
    pm3d mode.
  - fill_color: for polygons and explicit 2d
  - eps_width & eps_height: dimensions (cm)
    for Postscript terminals.
  - enhanced3d: sets pm3d mode in Gnuplot.

The documentation in texi format is in

More examples added to

Sorry for not having announced these changes in the list before, but the
package is still in its infancy.

Best wishes.

Mario Rodriguez Riotorto

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