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Mon Apr 16 11:31:56 CDT 2007

You can arrange to 'walk' through or delay evaluations by inserting 
'read' statements in your .mac file.

I have not played much with this, but here are the contents of a simple barebones type
of .mac file.

xx:read("For next step, enter 'N;'");
xx:read("For next step, enter 'N;'");

Just save this as the file

and, in maxima, type

I use xmaxima and have not tried this with wxmaxima, but it should

  Just for delayed execution, you probably don't need the 'xx'
  assignment.  However, using it you can give conditional statements
  such as

xx: read("Enter '1;' to plot the cosine, '2;' to plot the sine");
if xx=1 then plot2d(sin(x),[x,0,6.3]) else if xx=2 then plot2d(sin(x),[x,0,6.3]);

Save this as
and play.


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On Mon, 16 Apr 2007, Wolfgang Lindner wrote:

> dear group,
> (wx)Maxima is a wunderful product.
> So please let me formulate 2 wishes for future releases of wxMaxima.
> W1: there should be a button 'delete all output'
> W2: there should be the possibility 'to delay evaluation',
>    e.g. loading a file 'without auto evaluation of input lines'.
>    So one could walk stepwise along the inputs from the beginning or elsewhere.
> Thank you,
> Wolfgang
> Leichlingen, Germany
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