[Maxima] asdf package for maxima

Raymond Toy raymond.toy at ericsson.com
Wed Apr 18 07:45:38 CDT 2007

Valery Pipin wrote:
> Raymond Toy wrote:
>> Luigi Panzeri wrote:
>>> Using usually asdf to load/compile common lisp packages and maxima as
>>> a library for my application, i converted the defsystem of maxima to
>>> the asdf format, in order to simplify the definition and the building
>>> of my own packages. The asdf attached should be putted in the src
>>> directory of maxima sources.
> Many thanks for this!
>> Wouldn't it be way easier to have asdf and mk:defsys loaded in your Lisp
>> so you can use either as needed?  This is what I do.
> Dear Ray,
> could you please give an example. I'm very casual lisp user.
> I found that the string (require :asdf) in ~/.sbclrc  works for sbcl.
> However I do not know how to load asdf for cmucl. 

Sbcl comes with a version of asdf.  Cmucl doesn't.  What I do is just
add (load "<path>/asdf") in my .cmucl-init.lisp.  Then you can use asdf.

However, the default version of asdf doesn't have the hooks into
require.  www.cliki.net shows you how to modify asdf slightly so that
(require <foo>) will work in cmucl as it does in sbcl.   A recent
version of mk:defsys already includes the necessary hooks so that
(require <bar>) will use mk:defsys to load the <bar> system.


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