[Maxima] wxm-files on Windows

van Nek van.nek at arcor.de
Fri Apr 27 10:34:31 CDT 2007

Hello Vadim,

I have just opened a wxm-file by using the "open with ..."-dialog in the file explorer of my 
Windows 2000 and registered this. Now an instance of wxMaxima opens by double clicking 
on a wxm-file in the Windows explorer and the file contents is displayed as if I had opened it 
from within wxMaxima itself. This is a great thing! 

Maybe one can think about registering the extension wxm by the installer. The advantage of 
this would be, that with every new Maxima version (each time a different path of 
wxMaxma.exe !) or with every release candidate wxm would be registered correctly. 

Vadim, is that possible?


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