[Maxima] draw package 1.7

Mario Rodriguez biomates at telefonica.net
Mon Apr 30 08:57:41 CDT 2007

Hallo Wolfgang,

> sorry, but this does not work for me. 
> OS: WinXPhome; wxm 5.11.0; draw.lisp (version 1.7).
> Next I copied my working gnuplot files (4.2/2007) from my octave directory (genuine
> Windows configuration from D. Bateman, see http://www.dbateman.org/?page=octave〈=EN)
> to the Maxima/bin directory and tried again: no reaction at all.
> In both trials I only see a printed output message
> (%i) draw2d(terminal=screen, explicit(x^2,x,-1,1));
> (%o) [gr2..(explict)]
           d  : a typo, I suppose.

> I will wait patinently for 5.12 :-)

Maybe the best policy is to make a clean installation. If you don't want
to wait for 5.12 (it'll be ready soon, according to Robert's post), try
the latest release candidate.

By the way, have you tried


in xmaxima? Let me know if it works.

Mario Rodriguez Riotorto

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