[Maxima] physconst.mac

Ed erom at earthlink.net
Mon Apr 30 15:21:40 CDT 2007


>From wxMaxima 0.7.2 I do:

(%i1) batch("C:/Program Files/Maxima-5.11.0/share/maxima/5.11.0/share/physics/physconst.mac")$

I try to get the light speed constant value:
(%i359) %%c;
(%o359) %%c

Which is not what I am looking for. 
I try declaring:

(%i360) numer:true;
(%o360) true


(%i361) %%c;
(%o361) (299792458*m)/s

Which is fine.

Question why not set numer:true as the default in physconst.mac

Edward Romana


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