[Maxima] "draw" package questions

Wolfgang Lindner LindnerW at t-online.de
Tue May 1 00:25:00 CDT 2007

> On 4/30/07, Mario Rodriguez <biomates at telefonica.net> wrote:
>>> I'd rather see some specific object type here. A list is very general.
>> We don't need to re-invent the wheel. plot2d and plot3d have a syntax
>> similar to this. I like the syntax object(ar1,arg2,...), but if there is
>> a general agreement, I can change this to [object,ar1,arg2,...] in
>> future versions. In this context, [explicit,expr,var,a,b] and
>> [expr,var,a,b] could be considered equivalent.

In thinking again about the question 'explicit vs. implicit' and the above discussion let
me suggest to use the words 'function2d vs. relation2d'. 'explicit' is an adjective
characterizing an property, whereas 'function2d' is a word naming an mathematical object.
So I would prefer

draw2d( function2d(x^2,x,-1,1))

in analogy to

draw2d( rectangle(..)) etc.

HTH  Wolfgang

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