[Maxima] entering hypergeometric functions in maxima

Billinghurst, David (RTATECH) David.Billinghurst at riotinto.com
Thu May 17 20:38:38 CDT 2007

> From: Billinghurst, David 
> > From:  Dlubek Michal
> > 
> > First of all, I want to use hypergeometric functions in Maxima.
> > I am using Maxima 5.11.99cr2. 
> Michal,
> I was exploring this last year, while trying to learn more about both
> hypergeometric equations and lisp.  
> http://www.math.utexas.edu/pipermail/maxima/2006/000081.html 
> and others.
> The code there is for 1F1, but I extended it to 2F1, then put 
> it aside.  
> I also rewrote it to use some generic operators - forget the 
> details - 
> as a further experiment. I will dig up the latest version and post it.
> 	David

Here is the latest version.  Please don't treat it as more than a homework exercise
on my part.  I haven't touched it since January last year, but it still runs.  
There is a problem with the absolute value generic function, but that isn't used anywhere.  

Just untar the stuff and run "make check".   You should have all the 1F1 and 2F1 tests
pass but see "Error found in test-complexfloat.mac, problem:".  Read the code and 
the test cases.  I have copies of the references, but I think you can google for them.

The functions don't check the arguments for validity.  They just hope you know what 
you are doing and blindly calculate away.


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