[Maxima] Maxima 5.12.0 and WinTeXmacs

Uwe Weber uw_maxima at arcor.de
Fri May 25 05:50:27 CDT 2007

Vadim V. Zhytnikov schrieb:
> Uwe Weber writes:
>> is Maxima 5.12.0 under Windows compatible with WinTeXmacs 1.0.5? Is 
>> there a patch necessary as it was for Maxima 5.10.0?
> No.  WinTeXmacs is dead project.
> Please try TeXmacs under cygwin this is the only
> version available on Windows.

Thanks, but I would like to point out that with the modifications 
described by Andrey Grozin in this thread, WinTeXmacs 1.0.5 seems to 
work with Maxima 5.12.0.

Maybe someone could put a notice and a link to the necessary files to
http://maxima.sourceforge.net/relatedprojects.shtml , as it was done 
with version 5.10.0, since it is a bit inconvenient if one has to 
download the current Unix TeXmacs version only to extract these files.

As far as CygTeXmacs is concerned - does it really cooperate with the 
Windows version of Maxima? I tried it a while ago - firstly it ran even 
slower than WinTeXmacs (which is not very fast, either), and secondly it 
did not recognize the CAS installed (then Maxima 5.10.0 and Yacas). If I 
remember right, it could not even access a drive other than C:.

Kind regards


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