[Maxima] declaration foo distributes over bar

Barton Willis willisb at unk.edu
Sat Jun 9 12:00:11 CDT 2007

If I were to try this project, I would attempt:

(1) Modify 'declare' to allow things like

       declare(f, distributes_over, ["[", set, matrix])

    (there are other possibilities). Internally, this would do

        (setf (get 'f 'distributes-over) '(mlist $set $matrix)))

(2) Change 'threadable' (in share/contrib/multiadditive.lisp) to examine
    the operator of the argument to see if it is in the distributes-over
    property list of the operator. This could be done by changing a few
    lines of threadable, I think.

(3) Change 'threadable' to a better name.

Since I wrote threadable, I have an not-invented-here attitude toward a
tellsimp method. But unlike a tellsimp scheme, I believe this method
would not slow the simplifier.


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