[Maxima] renaming files from within maxima

Raymond Toy raymond.toy at ericsson.com
Tue Jul 10 15:31:45 CDT 2007

sen1 at math.msu.edu wrote:
> Well,
>  I am running Fedore Core 6.  The only rpm available for 19d is in
>  Fedora Core 7.  I tried a simple rpmbuild --rebuild and it did not
>  work.
>   So, it seems that I would have to build 19d from
>  source, remove 19c and install 19d.  I looked at the 19d source and,
>  unfortunately it is not a simple ./configure, make, make install, but
>  requires some attention.  I don't have time for that right now, so
>  I'll see if I can do this later. I'll let you know if the problem 
> disappears.

I didn't expect you to rebuild it yourself; it's not so easy.  I would 
expect there to be rpms for 19d somewhere.  Or you can grab a tarball 
for 19d (see www.cons.org/cmucl) and untar it somewhere and use that to 
build maxima.  The tarball is easy to install because it can be placed 

The backtrace for sbcl looks weird because it looks like open is called 
with on other additional flags, which doesn't make sense.  Perhaps I 
don't know how to read sbcl's backtrace.


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