[Maxima] Disable simplification on input

Mike Higgins mike at kayaker.net
Mon Jul 23 15:32:01 CDT 2007

Stavros Macrakis wrote:
> On 7/23/07, Barton Willis <willisb at unk.edu> wrote:
>> ...maybe simp : false will work for you:
> simp:false will probably work, but may have unintended side-effects.  Many
> parts of Maxima depend on simp being true.  Try simp:false, diff(1/x,x) and
> diff(x^-1,x) for example.  The results are I suppose correct, but I don't
> think anyone really wants to see x^-1*(x^-1 * (-1) + log(x)*0 ).

	Yes, I was just discovering that simp:false seems to completely disable 
ratsimp(). But I can use this with the following prodedure: simp:false, 
enter my exression, get a printable version of it, simp:true, then 
ratimp works to simplify the expression. This gives me everything I 
need! Thanks to all!

Code in haste, debug at leisure

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