[Maxima] list of loaded mac files

sen1 at math.msu.edu sen1 at math.msu.edu
Sun Aug 12 13:53:16 CDT 2007

On Sun, 12 Aug 2007, Daniel Lakeland wrote:

There are times (more than a few) when the program I am working on crashes, and I have
to restart (or even restart the whole windowing system). The idea was
to be able to reload quickly to where I was before the crash. Of
course, I could frequently   'save all'. But that usually saves more
than I wanted. Some of my data files are very large.


> I think the question is: why are you writing the list of loaded files
> out to the disk, rather than simply storing them in a list?
> loaded_files_list:[];
> mload(filename) := block([f:load(filename)],
> 			loaded_files_list:cons(f,loaded_files_list));
> or something like that
> writing them out to the disk means they can potentially be stale, or
> conflict between different maxima sessions, or whatever. There seems
> to be no advantage.

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