[Maxima] Another integration question

max.e.brown at gmail.com max.e.brown at gmail.com
Tue Aug 21 11:48:32 CDT 2007

Barton Willis <willisb at unk.edu> writes:

> I don't know what happens if you don't stop Maxima, but
> I think you should file a bug report.
Ok, I did that.

> I suppose that Maxima is struggling to show that
> the antiderivative is continuous on [0,1]. But Maxima
> goes about it in just about the worst of all possible ways.
> Maxima does know that x^4 + 4*x + 1 is positive for x in [0,1], so
> it should be able to determine that log(x^4 + 4*x + 1) is
> continuous on [0,1].
Hm... interesting.


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