[Maxima] Getting lapack to load in wxmaxima

Richard Fateman fateman at cs.berkeley.edu
Sat Sep 8 09:10:13 CDT 2007

I tried that and it worked a little -- started loading and compiling a bunch
of files, but stopped at

Compiling /lisp/lapack/lapack/blas/dcabs1.lisp.Load failed for
c:/lisp/lapack/lapack/load-lapack.lisp -- an error.

 So I thought that moving the whole lapack directory to the right place
might work. Nope.
By the way,
I'm kind of dismayed by the directory structure for maxima on windows...
which has stuff like 
 c:/Program Files/Maxima-5.11.0/share/maxima/5.11.0/share/lapack    in it.


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> Try appending the lapack directory to the search list e.g.
> file_search_lisp : cons ("c:/foo/bar/baz/lapack/###.lisp", 

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