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Robert Dodier robert.dodier at gmail.com
Wed Sep 19 09:52:36 CDT 2007

Hello Nie,

Thanks for your interest in Maxima. The Maxima reference manual is
written in Texinfo, which is a little different from TeX.
I do not know if Texinfo can handle Chinese. Probably it is OK to
write the Chinese translation using TeX instead of Texinfo.
Does anyone know if Texinfo supports Chinese?

The reference manual Texinfo files are in Maxima CVS at SourceForge,
which you can view on the web:
You can also obtain the files via CVS command line, but I don't
remember how to use anonymous CVS for SourceForge.
Can someone please remind me?

Nie, when you have created some translation files, I will enable
CVS write access for you so you can commit the files to Maxima CVS.

Can someone suggest which files should be translated first?

Some documents in Chinese have been written --- you can see
them on this page at the Maxima web site:

Nie, I know that making a translation is a lot of work.
I appreciate it very much. Thanks for your help!

Robert Dodier
Maxima project administrator & developer

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From: 一无所有 <hungriness at gmail.com>
Date: Sep 18, 2007 11:02 PM
Subject: About maxima translate
To: robert.dodier at gmail.com

I am going to translate maxima manual into Chinese with some others.
I got your email address from a translator who has translated some.
But he doesn't use tex source file which I think it might make me
faster when cooperate with kile.
Any imformation about latest maxima manual tex source file will be appreciate.
Many thanks.
Regards Nie

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