[Maxima] radcan error

Zou Yuan-Chuan yuanchuan at gmail.com
Tue Nov 27 10:01:15 CST 2007


I don't know whether it is a real bug, but...

(%i301) radcan(x^0.000000001/x^0.00000001);

`rat' replaced -9.0E-9 by -1/111111111 = -9.000000008999999E-9
Exponent out of range
 -- an error.  Entering the Maxima Debugger dbm
Enter `:h' for help

Notice that there are 8 zeros and 7 zeros respectively. You can get the
error message with more zeros.

And this error only occurs for version 5.13.0 (as I tested), for versions
5.10.0, 5.9.2, no such error.

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