[Maxima] tex output $\mu_e$

Robert Dodier robert.dodier at gmail.com
Thu Nov 29 10:00:06 CST 2007

On 11/28/07, Zou Yuan-Chuan <yuanchuan at gmail.com> wrote:

> I got two problems and showed them: tex output and radcan. In fact, these
> are new problems which doesn't occur in version 5.9.2. I wrote a code works
> well on 5.9.2 about two years ago. Unfortunately, when I tried to run it on
> 5.13.0 these days, the above two problems occur. Attached is the source file
> and one output file (transfered into pdf. on 5.9.2).

Hi Yuan-Chuan, thanks for sending rfs.max. It is always very encouraging
to see that people use Maxima for real work! I think the program can be
revised to use more natural notation, e.g. epsilon[0] instead of
\\epsilon_\{0\} for variables, which makes it easier to read as a Maxima
program and also produces the expected TeX output. Working with
rfs.max has helped me find & fix a couple of minor bugs in Maxima;
those changes will appear in the next release.


Robert Dodier

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