[Maxima] how to simplify this?

Stavros Macrakis macrakis at alum.mit.edu
Mon Jan 28 07:12:10 CST 2008

I haven't looked at your expression (I'm on a blackberry), but... Have
you tried 'optimize'?  Other methods to reorganize an expression
include factor, factorsum, rat (allows chhosing main vrbl etc).


On 1/28/08, Bart Vandewoestyne <Bart.Vandewoestyne at telenet.be> wrote:
> Hello list,
> I have a Maxima script that creates a function f_periodized(x)
> out of a function f(x):
> http://www.cs.kuleuven.be/~bartv/stuff/bernoulli/method_with_bernoulli_polynomials.mac
> I would like to implement f_periodized(x) without too much effort
> into Fortran 95.
> For the parameters I need (s up to 10 and alpha=5) the expression
> for f_periodized(x) seems unmanageable and super-long.
> I am not sure if maybe there's some kind of structure in
> the expression that can be used to write a `cleaner' expression
> for f_periodized(x).
> My question to this group is if anybody knows about ways/commands
> to simplify the expression f_periodized(x) so that i could implement it
> in Fortran 95.
> Any advice welcome!
> Bart
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