[Maxima] solve(...) and unnecessary complex results

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Wed Feb 20 15:32:55 CST 2008

Dear Maxima experts,

If I make Maxima solve the following example equation it returns results which contain complex parts (%i) but I think the results should be "normal" real numbers.

Example: solve( (0=x^3-4*x+2), x );

Maxima returns:
[x = (-sqrt(3)*%i/2-1/2)*(3^-(3/2)*sqrt(37)*%i-1)^(1/3)+4*(sqrt(3)*%i/2-\
1/2)/(3*(3^-(3/2)*sqrt(37)*%i-1)^(1/3)),x = (sqrt(3)*%i/2-1/2)*(3^-(3/2)*sqrt(\
37)*%i-1)^(1/3)+4*(-sqrt(3)*%i/2-1/2)/(3*(3^-(3/2)*sqrt(37)*%i-1)^(1/3)),x = (\

I think the correct results are -2,214; 0,539; 1,675
How to make Maxima return these results (real numbers) instead of complicated terms containing complex numbers?

Thank you!

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