[Maxima] discrete dynamical system

Mario Rodriguez biomates at telefonica.net
Fri Feb 29 14:31:21 CST 2008

> Here is implemented:
> - stack ( LIFO) using list
> - drawing points points using 2 lists
> This maybe things to improve

 From draw's point of view, your code is 100% correct. But take into 
account that the drawing routine takes only a small portion of computing 
time, since most of the time is dedicated to the computation of the 
Julia set.

On the other hand, now that I see this algorithm, perhaps the 'points' 
drawing object could be improved to admit arrays of coordinates instead 
of only lists and matrices.

Another drawing alternative could be the 'image' object, as in the 
Mandelbrot sets in


Finally, I think you already know about the existence of packages 
'dynamics' and 'fractals', which could be of interest for you.

Mario Rodriguez Riotorto

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