[Maxima] Evaluating Taylor polynomials

Shahir Molaei shahir at inbox.com
Sun Apr 6 06:19:34 CDT 2008

 Hi Marco,

 In your command taylor(f(x,y),[x,y],[0,0],2), the [0,0] option stands for the coordinates of the point you want to expand about and '2' declares the order of expansion. So your case would simply take a form like this
 Alternatively you could try '?? taylor' in command line and find a much more comprehensive help on 'taylor'.


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> Dear list,
>    I am new to maxima and I have the following problem.
> With
> fT : taylor(f(x,y),[x,y],[0,0],2);
> I compute the Taylor expansion of a generic function f(x,y). Now, I
> would like to evaluate the Taylor polynomial at a given point: let's
> say x=-1 , y=1. How can I do this?
> Thank you,
>    Marco
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