[Maxima] what does 'doscmxops' control?

Barton Willis willisb at unk.edu
Wed Apr 16 07:02:36 CDT 2008

(%i2) ? doscmxops;
-- Option variable: doscmxops
     Default value: `false'
     When `doscmxops' is `true', scalar-matrix operations are carried out.

With doscmxops : false, it seems that Maxima does scalar + matrix,
scalar * matrix, and matrix ^ scalar operations. Is this intended?

(%i3) doscmxops : false$

(%i4) x * matrix([2,3]);
(%o4) matrix([2*x,3*x])

(%i5) x + matrix([2,3]);
(%o5) matrix([x+2,x+3])

(%i6) matrix([2,3])^3;
(%o6) matrix([8,27])


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